Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Meet my Golden Falcon

I stepped into the trailer restoration world a couple of years back, when I impulsively bought a 13 ft Glendale trailer. That experience did not turn out very well.. it was a proverbial "tin can of worms".. lots of troubles, and a huge learning curve on what it takes to properly restore vintage trailer. 
Somewhere along the way I fell in love, with amber tinted woodwork, and mid century kitchens, and so when this very original Golden Falcon came available I decided to take the plunge into a slightly bigger, much older trailer with more potential.

She had been stored under a Gazebo type roof in a trailer park for 30 years, and so has much less body damage, and interior damage than one would expect of a trailer of this vintage. I am still trying to determine her age, but it is looking to be very early 1960's. Some of her interior features are earlier in style than any I have seen in other Golden Falcons. Perhaps I will find a clue somewhere inside. Here are a couple of photos of how I found her. 

She is scheduled to be moved into our auto dealership this weekend, and will remain there through her complete makeover. I'll talk about her needed repairs in

my next blog. 


  1. What a beautiful camper. Amazing find! It hardly looks like it needs anything besides whatever was taken out on that one side... kitchen?

  2. Yes.. it was meant to be. It was a one family trailer (besides the guy who sold it to me, who just bought and sold it). They had removed the lower kitchen cabinets. However, the backsplash and cupboard doors were in the closet. All that was missing was the stove and sink, and I just happened to have a vintage stove and sink that I had just sent to the USA for new red porcelain. The seller had 25 people in line before me, but I offered him $300 more than asking and told him I had the missing parts and that I wanted to make it into a show trailer. So he said YES to selling it to me!